ISXSW 2021 Online, Space Technologies, and Environmental Sustainability
SXSW 2021 Online, Quantum Future: Made in Finland
SXSW 2021 Online, Product Security, Consumer Privacy, and Citizen Trust
Virtual Finland Technology series, online 2020
ITC Think Global Conference, Chicago, October 2019
PlugAndPlay Tech Center, Sunnyvale, September 2015
Digile Master Scrum, Helsinki, March 2014
Swedish startup network, New York, October 2013
HTML5 Hacking Hours, New York, October 2013
AdWeek demos and networking, New York, September 2013
NYC Tech Recruiters, New York, September 2013
Press panel for Finnish journalists, New York May 2013
Slush, Helsinki November 2012
Tech Meetup New York November 2012
BrightTalk webinar, October 2012
Huffington Post TV during AdWeek, October 2012
Oulu Opens, New York June 2012
Future Female, Helsinki April 2012
Mobile Commerce experience SXSW, Austin March 2012
MoneyTalks, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona February 2012
Innovation on the Fringe, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona February 2012
Microsoft Acceleration Week, Helsinki February 2012
Business Innovation and Education Lab, New York January 2012
Startup Sauna demoday Helsinki, December 2012
Silicon Valley demoday, San Francisco, December 2011
Slush Helsinki, November 2011
Future of Mobile, London August, 2011
Mobile 2.0 Europe, Barcelona, June 2011
New Product Development Strategies, Amsterdam June 2011
Space Systems Finland, Helsinki April 2011
Nokia Collaborator day, Barcelona February 2011
IIR Front End Europe, Berlin March 2011
Marcusevans Consumer Insights, London February 2011
Mobile Monday, Amsterdam November 2010
EIRMA roundtable chairman, November October 2010
MoneyTalks Forum, Espoo October 2010
Mobile Monday, Helsinki September 2010
Mobile Africa, Helsinki September 2010
Eesti Radio Digitund, September 2010
Marcusevans Innovation Excellence, Amsterdam September 2010
Marcusevans New Product Development Strategies, Vienna June 2010
BBC online news, May 2010
Mobile Brain Bank London, April 2010
Mobile Brain Bank Salo, March 2010
Symbian Stammtisch, Helsinki March 2010
Mobile Brain Bank Helsinki, January 2010
Mobile Brain Bank Tampere and Oulu, December 2009
Mobile Brain Bank Helsinki November 2009
Slush, Helsinki November 2009
Mobile Brain Bank London, October 2009
Mobile Brain Bank Helsinki and Oulu, September 2009
Mobile Brain Bank Helsinki, August 2009
Marcusevans New Product Development Strategies, Vienna June 2009
Marcusevans New Product Development Strategies, Amsterdam June 2008
Sky Radio Network, December 2007
IIR Global Finnish Factory - Tulevaisuuden Tehdas, Helsinki November 2007
Association for Advancement of Assistive Technologies, AAATE, San Sebastian October 2007
Marcusevans Product Development Strategies, speaker and chairman, Amsterdam May 2007
EIRMA Round Table speaker and panel chairman, Nice, March 2007
Presentations at bi-monthly Digital Living Network Alliance events, US and Asia, 2004-2006
Presentations at quarterly Trusted Computing Group events US 2004-2006
Presentations at bi-monthly Open Mobile Alliance events, Europe, US and Asia, 2002-2005
Moderator, Nokia VAS Customer Forum, Budapest 2001