These are projects that I consider important, and have dedicated time to:

Blue-Sketch, a 2D and 3D floor plan spin-off of Mobile Brain Bank. From 2D to 3D to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. 

Mobile Brain Bank, a network of mobile professionals turning entrepreneurs. Initiated from personal drive during 2008-2009 recession to encourage people in between jobs to start their own company. Has grown to helping existing startups and arranging networking events - including Europe's largest happening for Mobile Africa.

Since 2012 Mobile Brain Bank has operated as a business startup, providing work for me, our own Mobile Brain Bank staff, and hundreds of developers working in our network companies. 

 Nest New York, accelerator program and co-working space at Union Square, the heart of tech scene in New York. This is where the Mobile Brain Bank crew nests, and collaborates with other local startups. 

Symbian, world's largest software platform ever gone open source. 30+10 million LOC transformed from proprietary to fully exposed source code, and the most open governance model of any mobile platform.  I dedicated much time and effort into getting the foundation formed, and running as the world's largest OSS project.

Open source is not just another business enabler, but a philosophy, a way of life even, fitting perfectly in the values of technology enabling growth and opportunities for anyone willing to make an effort., an international study on women over 40 and use of mobile services. A 100+ person survey interviewing people from Europe, Africa, US and Asia.

Presentations and conference proceeding in Accessibility and Very Human Technology.